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    The Parents Toll-Free Helpline1-855-DRUGFREE(1-855-378-4373) is staffed by social workers with practical experience in substance abuse intervention and treatment. These specialists offer expert advice to help parents plan a course of action for teens who are struggling with substance abuse and, if appropriate, supply a short list of resources or treatment facilities in their area. The Parents Toll-Free Helpline, which has been proving itself in its testing phase since April, is not a 24-hour crisis hotline and will be staffed Monday-Friday from 10:00 am-6:00 pm EST.

    Helpline professionals work with parents to understand the unique needs of their children, help them find appropriate treatment options and encourage support and family involvement through the recovery process.

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Available courses

  • This course will educate you on how to keep your child safe from bullying, cyberbullying, and dating violence. 

  • A student's guide to managing personal data. It discusses the importance of using your legal name, the registration process and what to bring on test day.

  • This course will educate you on how to keep your child safe from drugs and alcohol.  Upon completion, you will learn how to talk to your child about the dangers, the signs & symptoms of substance abuse, and how to get help if this is a concern for your family.

  • Este curso le informará en cómo mantener a su hijo(a) seguro de las drogas y del alcohol. Una vez terminado, aprenderá cómo hablarle a su hijo(a) acerca de los peligros, las señales y los síntomas del abuso de sustancias y cómo obtener ayuda si esto constituye una preocupación para su familia.