Welcome parents, caregivers, grandparents and community members to the Northside Parent 411.
Parent 411
  • Help Hotline

    The Parents Toll-Free Helpline1-855-DRUGFREE(1-855-378-4373) is staffed by social workers with practical experience in substance abuse intervention and treatment. These specialists offer expert advice to help parents plan a course of action for teens who are struggling with substance abuse and, if appropriate, supply a short list of resources or treatment facilities in their area. The Parents Toll-Free Helpline, which has been proving itself in its testing phase since April, is not a 24-hour crisis hotline and will be staffed Monday-Friday from 10:00 am-6:00 pm EST.

    Helpline professionals work with parents to understand the unique needs of their children, help them find appropriate treatment options and encourage support and family involvement through the recovery process.